A Message from Danielle Appi

WOW!  I’m super proud to have been involved in an event that has made such a valuable contribution to a very worthwhile charity.  I would absolutely like to make an offer to all of the WOI members if possible!


I’d like to offer a free trial lunchtime Metafit class to anyone’s workplace if they have the space available.   Metafit is a 30 min HIIT (high intensity, interval training) program that is purely bodyweight and offers the most bang for your time and effort when it comes to raising metabolism and fat burning.

So if any WOI members work for organisations who value Employee health enough to have an Employee well-being program I would love to talk to them!  I’m super passionate about this program.

Here’s a link to what the program looks like – it is HIIT but it’s also suitable for all fitness levels as it can be regressed where necessary.


And secondly:

I’d be happy to offer all WOI members a Small Group Training deal:

3-4 people max, $30 each for a 45 minute session at their location.

Club flyer

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