Can we have it all?

By Georgia Lane

Have we all been put on this Earth for a purpose?  If not, it must certainly be great practice to think we are so we can strive to live with purpose.  The important question, what is our purpose?


I recently gave up my very good job with one of our Big 4 banks, it was stable, challenging, well paid, quite flexible and I was fortunate to be exposed to great clients, colleagues and the chance to grow and learn each day.   However I felt the need to be more.  Not more in my career, just more as a person.

I have two beautiful children who are still young enough to want me around all the time.  My husband and I are good mates and partners in life and together we want to enjoy life and leave a legacy for our children.  We want them to be happy, healthy and confident individuals.

For all their lives they have seen us both working hard in professional careers, and so I believe teaching them about good work ethic and gender equality has been well covered. Two years ago we were both working in Brisbane, juggling live-in Nannies, long hours, travel, stress and just making it through.  A brush with mortality made us question this.

So can you have it all?  The answer is “Yes” BUT

While giving up my job does not provide me with instant clarity, meaning and purpose it has given me the space to work on what my legacy may be.  I have been reading, listening to podcasts and people I meet.

I wanted to share with you a few steps towards having more balance:

Step 1) Know your current priorities – this will change as our lives evolve, so it is important to re-evaluate regularly.  Currently my husband has a great job, my children are still young enough to want me around and I can spend time focusing on my family, my health and my passions.  They are my current priorities.

Step 2)  Know your passions, skills and expertise.  What do you love to talk abut, read about, learn about and teach.  Are there things that come naturally to you or that you would do if money was no object? These things will bring you joy and if you give them a chance will bring you success in some way – even if that is just a little recognition.

Step 3) Create your margin.  What is the area around your “To Do” list where you breathe, smile, relax and enjoy life?  Build your margin into your life and keep it as your beacon.  This can be as big as an annual holiday or as small and regular as a Yoga class, a run, coffee with a good friend, time to read or listen to your favourite music with no interruptions.

Step 4) Include your physical, spiritual, fitness and mental health in your plan.  Without our health everything else falls away.  By eating well, doing a bit of exercise each day, not putting ourselves under too much pressure and being positive we can overcome and prevent just about anything.

Step 5) What can you let go of for a while? We cannot give everything our “A” game so we do need to let some things go. To choose what it is we can “put on the back-burner” refer to your priorities, then your margin.  It is OK to include a bit of exercise in your life but not strive to be your “Fighting weight”.  It is OK to be good at your job but not give the big Corporate your heart and soul.  It is OK to earn good money but not earn the “big bucks” and have all the best stuff.  These things – money, elite fitness, career progression, material things – are more about ego than priorities anyway.

Life is pretty short, and we have so much in this lucky country.  Are we really doing the best we can with what we have?

Can we have everything – Yes, but just not all at the same time.

By Georgia Lane





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