How are you going with the School Holiday shuffle?

How are you going with the school holiday juggle? Have you managed to create a few happy family memories, squeeze in a little “me” time for yourself and get all the other things done? 

Working Mums eagerly anticipate the commencement of school hols so we have quality time with our little darlings!

We also love that we can irradiate our morning routines of acting like a Drill Sargent “Wake-up, get dressed, eat breakfast, make your lunch, pack your bags….” and then the “herding of the cats” out the door off before our workday even begins.  We chat with other working Mums when grabbing our coffee after school drop off “Can’t wait for school holidays!”

Now we are in the thick of school holidays, juggling work, trying to be a great Mum spending quality time with our children creating lasting holiday memories, stocking the cupboards for 12 meals a day, ferrying them around to see friends a “Pac” while they fight with their sibling, say “I’m Booooored”, stare at their screens and make way more mess than is even reasonable.

While you try to focus on just one crucial work task…you start thinking “I can’t wait to drop them off at school next week!”

This year we have been talking about wellness and taking care of ourselves first,

So as the end of school holidays is in sight, I have my heart firmly set on a wonderful wellness, completely selfish weekend of sleep, exercise, chef created organic food, massages and even a glass of organic wine.

From Friday 16 October until Sunday 18 October I will be going on a wellness weekend at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat.  I enjoyed a similar weekend just before COVID (with my friends and Women of Influence Stacy Miller and Leschen Smaller).  We were so lucky to fit that weekend in just before COVID-19 shutdown.  We loved being up there in the bubble and didn’t want to return to reality.

It’s a great way to reset, get uninterrupted sleep, have a massage, go for bushwalk walks, enjoy stretch classes and be looked after by the amazing Gwinganna team.  After delivering The Women of Influence Great Debate I truly need a little “me” time.

Special Offer for Women of Influence

If you have ever thought of going on a health retreat, but either didn’t have someone to go with, couldn’t “find the time” or you just love the sound of a beautiful nurturing weekend, come along! 

At least there will be one familiar face and I am sure you will meet many other lovely people.

As part of Women of Influence we can get a 15% discount which is not usually offered for the 2 day retreats. 

Rates include all organic meals, a wellness seminar and a diverse range of activities including Qi Gong each morning:

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 1 classic massage
  • All organic meals and snacks, morning coffee, herbal teas and evening glass of organic wine
  • Key wellness seminar
  • Access to all facilities and scheduled activities
  • Educational walks with resident botanist

While this weekend might be too soon, there are many other dates and I know some of our Women of Influence are looking at going again in November. 

Just check-in with Shay Lenon Retreat Advisor Manager about availability and prices for friends of Women of Influence.

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