Georgia Lane

Georgia is Founder and President of Women of Influence, which she commenced as Women in Finance – Gold Coast Chapter in May 2005.  She enjoys organising each event, welcoming guests and ensuring events run smoothly.

“The biggest rewards are the friends I have made, the things I have learned and the post-event euphoria, we love the challenge of putting on a great event each time,” says Georgia.

Georgia’s leading qualities are Zest, Honesty and Bravery.  All traits she demonstrates by delivering Women of Influence events.

Georgia has over 20 years sales and marketing experience within the financial services, IT, telecommunications and retail industries.  She has established a comprehensive understanding of the financial services channel at various levels including banking, investment platforms, accounting, financial planning, funds management.

Georgia has a Personal Branding and Marketing consultant with Australia’s leading personal branding firm, BRAND NEW YOU.  She is passionate about helping businesses to develop distinctive and deliberate brands and deliver consistent marketing to their audience.

After 16 years of running a Not for profit and raising funds for charity partners like RADFLY, Georgia has now commenced studying in the area of philanthropy at QUT Business School – The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies.  Georgia’s goal is to help others to use their influence for good.

Georgia and her husband Derek, have a young woman of Influence Jaime (who is also a committee member), and son Nicholas.

You can find out more about Georgia by visiting her LinkedIn profile